7 November 2022

Zeni Scultori presents competition: ‘Share your crib 2022’


Once again this year we will keep you company over the Christmas period! πŸŽ„

We have decided to reintroduce the “Share Your Nativity Scene 2022” competition.

This is the fifth edition and also this year we have decided to update the prize up for grabs.

Read on to find out the prize and how to participate πŸ˜‰

How to participate in the competition?

  1. Take a photo of your nativity scene with Zeni Sculptori* figurines;
  2. Send the photo to social@zeniscultori.com and share with us your favourite moment (from setting up to the finished crib) and how the crib was made;
  3. We will publish all the photos received on our social pages!

Whoever gets the most likes wins and the award ceremony will take place on 16 January 2023

The prize? A 10% discount voucher on your next purchase 🎁

Take part too!

What are you waiting for? The next winning crib could be yours!

Send your photo to social@zeniscultori.com and try to win your 10% voucher 🀩

Take a look at last years’ contestants 😁, visit our Facebook page

*PLEASE NOTE: The competition is reserved for compositions containing at least one element of the nativity scene created by Zeni Sculptori.
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