Who we are



My name is Renzo, I was born in Mezzano di Primiero in 1960.

I am lucky to live and work in one of the most beautiful locations-The Primiero Valley, in the beautiful scenery of the Dolomites.
My father was a carpenter, so I have always lived between wood shavings, the stimulating scent of resin and fir trees. This smell is something unforgettable and will be what you can breathe when you enter our workshop.

I was around 6 years old when I first saw a Nativity scene carved from Swiss pine in a little shop window. I was completely stunned by this vision and this was the time I first thought – “I have to do this myself”.

After middle school I went to the Art Institute in Pozza di Fassa where in 1977, I gained my diploma in Applied Arts.
After some years working as an apprentice and under some great masters, I decided to start my career as a woodcarver. The company name was then, and is now – ‘Zeni Renzo-Wood Sculpture’.

Some years later, my brother Silvano joined me. He is also a trained woodcarver. My wife Anna has also worked with us for many years. She paints all our pieces.

We can and will carve anything that may be proposed by our clients. We carve wood, bronze or any other material, in any size. We have even sculpted chocolate and hay!
We are also available to give free consultations and free estimates.

We have two workshops, one in Fiera di Primiero and one in Mezzano, with a lovely showroom where you can see nativity scenes, holy figures, angels, low reliefs with rural scenes, characters from Dolomites tales, personalized party gifts, modern and classical sculptures, copies of ancient statues, flora and fauna from the Alps, busts and low relief portraits, church statues and carvings for the traditional Tyrolean parlor.

Our motto is: we can do anything that can be carved in wood! We are attracted to the challenge!


My name is Silvano, I was born in Mezzano in 1964.

Since childhood, I’ve been fascinated by sculpture and drawing. I loved to play with some clay and a knife, developing my artistic imagination.

When I was 14 years old, I started my studies at the professional Institute “ENAIP” in Primiero. There I received my professional qualification as company secretary.

I decided to continue my studies at the Art Institute in “Pozza di Fassa” under the guidance of the skillful Toni Gross.

Following military service, I began to work with my brother Renzo and we still work together running our two workshops. I prefer to carve classical and large statues, as well as undertaking restorations and gilding.

One of my sons is following our artistic family attitude; he is studying arts in Munich (Germany) and Carrara (Italy).

I am a member of the local theatre company, as acting is another of my passions.
I also organize sculpture, painting and carpentry courses for hobbyists.

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