Versions of a Sculpture

Wood sculptures can be enriched and enhanced through the application of different types of finishes. These finishes not only protect the wood, but also give the artwork a unique and distinctive appearance. Among the various options available, three of the most common and widely used are the natural colour wood finish, antique finish and gilding.

Discover the finishes

Statues natural colour version

A natural colour wood sculpture is a work of art made entirely of natural, untreated wood. This type of sculpture focuses on the intrinsic beauty of the wood itself, with its natural hue, grain and texture.

Antiqued colour

An antique-coloured wood sculpture is a work that has been treated to simulate the appearance of an antique or weathered object with acrylic paints on a plaster background with 18 k gold plating. This type of finish can be applied to give a sense of history, character and authenticity to the work.

Oil colour

In wood sculpture, we apply an ‘oil colour’ finish to the wood to add a realistic effect with colour to the statue. It can be complemented with gold and silver leaf decorations.

The gilding

Gilding is a technique used to apply a thin layer of gold leaf or a similar golden material to the surface of an object, such as a wooden sculpture. This technique has been used for centuries to give a luxurious and decorative appearance to art objects and valuables.