14 October 2021

Today we are talking about stone pine

Among the various woods that we use to make our sculptures is Pinus Cembra, also called cirmolo or cimbro.

It is a conifer that lives on almost the entire Alpine arc from 1500 to 2000 metres above sea level.

Its wood is very fragrant and equally valuable for sculpture and furniture.

It can be recognised not only by its habitat, but also by the particularity of its needles. It is the only spontaneous pine in the Alps to have ‘bundles’ of five needles.

It can reach up to 25 metres in height and is a very long-lived plant. A stem with a diameter of 50 cm can be more than 200 years old.

It prefers soils with an acid reaction, but can also live on calcareous substrates.

For our shipments, we have decided to use cyrmol shavings (as an alternative to polystyrene) as packaging. This will certainly be more beneficial to the environment.

Our customers will be able to put them in a bowl and thus perfume their home environment for a long time.

For disposal, they should be placed in the wet waste bin, so they will be recycled properly.

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