23 October 2018

The Three Kings for your nativity scene

Your nativity scene cannot be without the figurines of the Three Wise Men, traditionally added to the crib the night before Epiphany. But you can bring your creation to life and change by inserting them in the travelling version, bringing them closer to the hut day after day.

The three Wise Men are depicted wearing rich clothes and carrying their gifts. According to some interpretations they would represent the continents known at the time.
According to tradition:

Melchior is depicted as elderly, with a long beard and carrying incense, as a reminder of the divinity of Jesus, and would come from Asia
Gaspar, younger, carries the symbol of royalty, namely gold, and represents Europe
Balthasar is the magician from Africa, naturally dark in colour, carrying myrrh, used for embalming and therefore a reminder of the future death of Christ

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