26 June 2019

The Sculptures of the Dolomites

Today, 26 June 2019, we celebrate 10 years since UNESCO declared our mountains a World Heritage Site. For this event, many events have been organised with, as a matter of course, the majestic Dolomites as the location.

We Zeni brothers sculptors, we love them, we admire them, we live them 100%; they are an integral part of our daily life here in Primiero in Trentino. That is why when it comes to sculpting subjects in which they are present, we recharge ourselves and recognise ourselves. There is nothing more beautiful than going to the Maso, our little house in the mountains, being outdoors and working with our chisels. Only the sounds of the forest as background music.

Are we making you dream? Yes? Well if you come to visit us you can experience it too, you can find us in Mezzano (one of the most beautiful villages in Italy) and Primiero of course in our beautiful Trentino surrounded by the Dolomites 🙂

Here is a brief overview of our sculptures where you can admire our magnificent Dolomites or glimpses of everyday life in the mountains

Our Dolomites

There are nine areas identified by Unesco as world heritage sites, and among them are the Pale di San Martino, which tower above the villages where we carve our sculptures. For us ‘primierotti’, the Pale are our reference point, and when we move, we do not hesitate to return to our mountains to see them again.

A curiosity… did you know that the Paneveggio forest, in the Pale di San Martino area, is also known as the forest of violins: the wood from its spruces was used to make the soundboxes of violins. And it seems it was Stradivari himself who chose the most suitable trees.

Our sculptures of the Dolomites:

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