28 May 2018

The Desert Merchant

Here is the new 2018 figurine designed for the traditional nativity scene

Entirely hand-carved in maple wood and painted with oil paints.

The name “The merchant of the desert”, an expression of hard work and sacrifice, was awarded through our #trovailnomeonthestubble contest aimed at all our Facebook friends. As a prize, the winner could choose one of our entirely handmade stars to receive as a gift to decorate their home.

The winners were Luca Cardone with his entry ‘The Merchant of the Desert’ and Ingrid Panetta with ‘The Wanderer’.

Here are the photos that our dear friends Ingrid and Luca sent us once they received their chosen stars, the joker star and the vanity star.

We are honoured to be able to add an extra touch to their homes with two of our wooden decorations.

Stars were sent to both, but the name of the figurine could only be one, which is why we launched a poll for all our Facebook friends to express their preference between the two proposals.

The final winning name of the contest is “The Merchant of the Desert” by Luca Cardone, to whom we offer our warmest congratulations for his proposal, which we like very much!

We would like to thank again all those who participated in this contest by proposing their idea for the name of this new figurine. It was interesting to see how each of the participants managed to interpret and find a different soul in a sculpture.

In November the new figurine will be available for purchase here on our website, you can find it by clicking here

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