21 December 2018

‘The Cupids’ series

Today we present ‘The Cupids’.

A series of eight classic angels made of maple wood and painted with oil colours and gold leaf.

The colours of the drape can vary (blue,yellow,red,purple,green) according to our painter’s fantasy, increasing the uniqueness of the sculpture.

From the Treccani dictionary

cupid s. m. [dim. of love]. – Mythological personification of the god Love, as depicted in poetry and art with the appearance of a child, mostly naked and winged; from the Hellenistic age onwards the motif of multiple cupids spread, the subject of many Roman paintings and decorative sculptures and then again in Renaissance, Baroque and 18th century art. 2. By analogy, of a cute and chubby child: it is, it seems, a cupid. […]


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