19 October 2018

The crib animals

In the traditional nativity scene, created by us, there are many animals that can appear. Some more traditional, such as sheep, donkeys and oxen, others more unusual, such as swans, small dogs and, why not, elephants accompanying the Three Kings on their journey to Bethlehem.


  • The donkey is generally placed in the stable behind the manger hosting Jesus, and is, according to some, the one that accompanied Mary and Joseph on their journey.
  • The ox: Although it is, like the donkey, mentioned only in apocryphal sources, it is considered by all to be a basic element and signifies submission. According to some, its bellowing indicated the existence of the stable to the Holy Family.
  • Sheep: there are usually many of them and they are placed near the shepherds; in the most elementary cribs, the ratio sees the latter at an advantage as they only have a couple.
  • Camels (sometimes also dromedaries) are often added together with the Three Kings and are usually, due to their large size, the prerogative of the largest cribs.
  • In addition to these main animals, craft cribs often contain other sheep, horses, cattle, birds and exotic animals such as monkeys.

[source Wikipedia]

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