15 October 2018

The craftsman at the fair

From 1 to 9 December, the fair L’Artigiano in Fiera will take place in Milan.
Unfortunately, we have to inform our loyal customers that we will not be present this year.

We have participated since the first edition, in 1996, always with great enthusiasm. It has always been a time for sharing, meeting and personal growth. Unfortunately, however, in recent years the fair has changed somewhat, I am not saying for the better or for the worse, it has simply changed. Now at the centre of everything is the craftsmanship of the Food and Fashion world, and having said that you will also understand why we will not be participating.

We are sorry for customers and friends who found this appointment an opportunity to meet and greet each other, but we are sure there will be another occasion. Of course you are all welcome in our two shops!

we look forward to seeing you in Trentino
Silvano and Renzo

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