30 January 2020

Snow White and the 7 dwarfs’ collection, Sleepy and Sneezy are the newcomers

The clan of ‘the 7 dwarfs’ is now complete with all the dwarfs, still missing sweet Snow White, the wicked witch with her poisoned apple.

The Zeni Sculptori company has decided to make one each year.

Currently available are:

Grumpy: the dwarf with the biggest nose, he always has a sulky expression and a grumpy and irascible character, although on some occasions a more sensitive side of him is shown (e.g. when he is kissed by Snow White). Grumpy is the first of the dwarves to take matters into his own hands after discovering that Snow White is in danger, and he incites his companions to chase Snow White’s stepmother, eventually chasing her over the mountain cliff.

Dopey: The only dwarf who does not speak, being mute, and is the youngest and most bungling of the group. He is characterised by his large ears and small nose, as well as not having a beard.

Doc: the wisest dwarf of all (one could refer to him as the leader) and the only one who wears glasses. When he is nervous he mispronounces and swaps vowels between words. When the dwarfs disagree among themselves, he is the one who always tries to propose a solution that suits everyone.

Bashful: the shyest dwarf, besides being very emotional and fearful. He always blushes when someone, particularly Snow White, speaks to him or looks at him.

Happy: the most corpulent of all the dwarves, he has an innate cheerfulness and his expression always shows great happiness. Moreover, he is the only one of the dwarfs to have, curiously enough, white eyebrows.

Sneezy: he bears this name because he is the dwarf characterised by his hay allergy, which leads him to sneeze very often, and his sneezing is so powerful that he is capable of putting out fires and sweeping away objects and people.

Sleepy: he is the sleepy dwarf, who is perpetually sleepy and tends to fall asleep all day long. Paradoxically, he is also very resolute. In fact, he is the first to realise that Snow White is in danger when the forest animals try to bring him and the other dwarfs to rescue the princess.

These dwarfs are available

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