23 February 2021

San Romedio

The legend of St. Romedius tells that at the time of St. Vigilius, Bishop of Trent, in a hidden valley in the Val di Non in Trentino, there lived a hermit named Romedius, and that given his advanced age, his last wish was to descend to Trent to receive the bishop’s blessing.

Having completed preparations for the journey, Romedio’s disciples, who were supposed to prepare the horse and accompany him on the journey, saw the poor beast on the ground as a large bear was devouring it. Romedius, not at all intimidated by the scene, took the saddle from the now-dead horse and, after ordering the bear to lie down, put the saddle and harness on it and began his pilgrimage to Trent. During the journey to Trent, Romedius performed several miracles. On his arrival in Trent, the bells of the cathedral rang festively announcing his arrival.

In San Zeno, in Val di Non, a hermitage commemorates the figure of Saint Romedius. This hermitage is well known for its characteristic architecture and is visited every year by thousands of pilgrims from all over Europe.

The statue of St. Romedius being worked on is about 30 cm high and is made of stone pine wood.

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