Let me introduce myself, i am Renzo wood sculptor

I was born in Mezzano di Primiero in 1960 and I am the son of a carpenter.

I live and work in one of the most beautiful valleys in the Dolomites.

For years I have lived among wood shavings and that unmistakable smell of resin and freshly cut fir.

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My story

Let us start from the beginning

It’s an unforgettable scent… it’s what our customers smell when they come into the workshop today.
When I was six or seven years old, passing in front of the window of a small shop in the village, I saw a beautiful nativity scene with figures carved in stone pine wood, and that’s when I said to myself ‘I must learn to make them myself’.

So, after secondary school, I enrolled and attended the art institute in Pozza di Fassa, obtaining a diploma in applied arts in 1977.

After a few years working as an apprentice, under the careful guidance of talented masters, in 1984 I started working as a sculptor. Thus the company Zeni Renzo -sculptures in wood- was born.
A couple of years later, my brother Silvano, who also graduated from Pozza di Fassa, started working with me.

My work

For some years now, my wife Anna has also been working with us; she paints all our works.
Our company performs any work of sculpture in wood, bronze or any other material (we have sculpted chocolate and hay statues), even large ones, we make estimates without obligation. We are available for any advice, which competes with our work, free of charge.

At our workshops in Mezzano and Fiera di Primiero, we have a large display of sculptures: cribs, sacred images, angels, bas-reliefs with rural scenes, characters from Dolomite legends, customised favours, modern or classical sculptures, copies of ancient statues, flora and fauna of the Alps, busts or portraits in bas-relief, statues for churches or chapels, carvings for stubs.
All in natural or coloured wood.
Our motto is: whatever can be carved in wood, we do it; it is a challenge that fascinates us. For years I lived among wood shavings and that unmistakable smell of resin and freshly cut fir.

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