Three wise men traveling

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The statues are carved in maple wood and painted with oil based paint and gold leaf
Height 12 cm

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The three Wise Men on the road statues, are traditionally added to the crib the night before the Epiphany. Caspar, Melchior and Balthazar, are depicted with rich clothes and hold three different gifts to bring to the baby Jesus: gold, incense and myrrh.

In this version the three traveling figures are made so that you can put them in the nativity scene during all the holidays, and you can move them a little closer to the hut every day.


According to some interpretations, the statues of the three Magi, would represent the continents known at the time

  • Melchior is depicted as an elderly man, with a long beard, bearing incense, and would come from Asia
  • Caspar, a young man, carries gold, the symbol of royalty, and represents Europe
  • Finally Balthazar is the wizard of Africa, bearing myrrh, used for embalming and therefore premonition of the future death of Christ.

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