Lucky charm star tris

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Lucky charm star tris includes: Rock star, Mexican star, Coca cola star

The three stars are:

  • Carved in maple wood
  • Painted with oil based paint
  • Height: 7cm
  • Comes with the “legend of the stars” in an elegant box
  • Those with the soccer ball can be painted with the colours of your favourite team
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The idea of these wooden sculptures came from an ancient legend that tells that on Christmas Eve even the sun wanted to see what was going on in Bethlehem.
It rose slowly in the west, behind the dunes, removing all the stars from the sky, which then fell on the sleeping shepherds.
They were the lucky few to witness such a universal event.
That’s why we have the saying: “…was born under a lucky star”

This legend is written inside the elegant packaging of the individual stars.
The stars are carved in maple wood and painted with oil based paint.
Those with the soccer ball can be painted on request (minimum of 3 pieces) with the colours of your favourite team (example: Fiorentina, Roma, Napoli, Barcelona, Real Madrid, Bayern etc.)

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