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The donkey of the traditional nativity scene is depicted standing, as opposed to the ox that is lying down and should be placed behind St. Joseph.
Compared to the figures, it seems a bit ‘small, but the Arabic donkey and Sardo jackass are both small.
A boy who rides it almost reaches the ground with his feet.
The donkey is made of maple wood in the sizes of 9-12-18-26 cm.
It is made of tilia in size 50 cm.


  • Carved in maple wood: dimension 9-12-18-27 cm
  • Carved in tilia: dimension 50 cm
  • Painted with oil based paint
  • Based on the dimensions of Saint Joseph

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Colouring options

natural wood, painted


9 cm, 12 cm, 18 cm, 27 cm, 50 cm