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The Seven Dwarfs are the characters of the fairy tale Snow White written by the Brothers Grimm.
Bashful’s sculpture is part of the seven Dwarfs collection made by Zeni Brothers.
Every year a new sculpture of a character will be realised.

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Bashful’s sculpture is

  • Carved in maple wood: dimension 14 cm
  • Carved in tilia: dimension 35 and 42 cm
  • Painted with oil based paint
  • Also other sizes on request

Bashful is the shyest dwarf and the most emotional and fearful. He always blushes when someone speaks to him or looks at him, in particular if it is Snow White. He hides behind his back a wonderful four-leaf clover, in his right hand.

The series of the seven dwarfs, starts with Grumpy and ends (after Snow White and the witch) with the poisoned apple.

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Variante colore

Natural Wood, Painted


35 cm, 14 cm, 42 cm