4 seasons

 1.167.00 VAT included

Collect all the four sculptures carved in maple wood, depicting the four seasons. They are entirely painted by hand with oil based paint

  • Dimension 22 cm
  • Painted entirely by hand


Spring is a classic sculpture of a girl adorned with flowers in her apron, while she puts them on her head. She reflects the typical colors of this season.

Summer is depicted as a girl holding the typical products and tools of the season. Wheat, sickle and rake. The shoulder strap is off on the left side, to indicate the heat of the summer days, gives movement and vivacity to this sculpture with a classic shape.

Autumn toast with the glass at the top and the fruit collected in the basket under her arm. The head adorned with some bunch of grapes. The warm colors, typical of this season, make it even more beautiful.

Winter, the last season of the old year and the first of the new. She is covered with a hood to protect herself from the bitter cold and she gives birdseed a couple of birds. She partially covers a cold fawn, with her long coat.

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