4 April 2018

Preview new 2018 figurine for the traditional nativity scene

The Runaway Dromedary

Hand-carved wooden figurine for the 2018 nativity scene

As you can see, we are already hard at work creating the new 2018 traditional nativity scene figurine!

Here is a picture of the sketch made entirely of plasticine that we have been creating these days.

Once the sketch is finished, the figurine will be carved entirely by hand in well-seasoned maple wood (at least 5 years old) and then painted with oil colours that may vary according to the painter’s discretion or any requests from the customer.

When the sculpture is finished we will apply, as on all our other sculptures, the company mark to certify its high quality.

The new statuette will be available for purchase from November.

Toreserve the new 2018 traditional nativity figurine or for any other information please contact us here .

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