13 June 2019

Our wood carvings in your home

If you have been following us for a while, you are already aware of how attached we are to our woodcarvings. They are all creations born from pieces of wood that we pamper and transform into small works that invade our customers’ homes.

When one of you sends us the photo and we see where it has been placed, it is always a great pleasure for us to see its new life and we get excited. Yes, it is true that we are eternal romantics, but what can you do? We are lucky enough to do a job we love and a job that allows us to create something with our own hands, so we think it’s normal 🙂

That’s why we decided to create this page, where we will collect all the photos you send us.

Do you have one of our sculptures at home and want to send it to us? Write to social@zeniscultori.com we will publish it on this page and on our Facebookpage

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