Our Laboratories

Where art comes to life…

If you are about to cross the Eurotunnel linking France and England, we invite you to make a brief stop to admire two impressive six-foot-high stone pine wood sculptures at the entrance. These extraordinary works of art were created in our workshop.

The two Zeni brothers, graduated Masters of Art at the prestigious Art Institute of Pozza di Fassa, extract from wood sacred figures or scenes of rural life of absolute beauty inspired by the extraordinary sensitivity that is in them, almost a natural gift.

In the presence of their works, the line between art and craftsmanship blurs, completely.

Explore Our Store in Mezzano

Welcome to our cosy shop in Mezzano, where the Zeni brothers’ creations come to life and show themselves to the world.

Here you can admire a wide selection of our woodcarvings, from sacred figures to representations of rural life.

Our experts will be on hand to answer your questions and share with you the details of the creative process that brings our wooden works of art to life.

Do not hesitate to visit our shop in Mezzano and discover the fascination of our creations.

Visit Our Shop in Fiera di Primiero

Our shop in Mezzano is a unique place where you can enjoy an authentic artistic experience.

If you are passionate about art or simply wish to immerse yourself in the unique atmosphere of our shop, we invite you to visit us in Mezzano and experience art for yourself.