Let’s get to know each other

In our workshop there are three of us, two sculptors and a decorator, the thing that unites us beyond family is our passion for our work. In this short page we try to describe ourselves and tell how we came to turn our passion into our daily activity, sculpting and painting wood.
Renzo, Silvano and Anna



I was born in Mezzano di Primiero in 1960 and am the son of a carpenter

I live and work in one of the most beautiful Dolomite valleys

For years I have lived among wood shavings and that unmistakable smell of resin and freshly cut fir

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I was born in Mezzano in 1964, the son of a carpenter and brother of Renzo

Ever since I was a child I have been attracted by the fascination of sculpture and drawing, I enjoy playing with my pocket knife and modelling clay to develop my artistic imagination

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I am Anna, the painter who gives the finishing touches to the sculptures created by Renzo my husband and Silvano my brother-in-law

When I met Renzo, some 35 years ago, my last thought was to pick up my palette, brushes and colours

My priority was to devote myself full-time to looking after our children. But as time went by, I started working with the company

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