How to make a wood sculpture

Making a wood sculpture requires artistic skills, experience, appropriate tools and a lot of passion. Step by step…

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We always start by making a plasticine model, because it is easy to modify later on.Once the model is made, we proceed with making the wooden sculpture with the desired dimensions.

If the sculpture is large, the roughing is done with the help of a chainsaw, otherwise everything is rough-hewn with gouges. Finishing is then carried out using smaller and smaller gouges, and finishing with sanding using rasps and sandpaper.

If the sculpture is a single piece, the work is thus finished.

If, on the other hand, it is to be reproduced in several pieces and in different sizes, the carved wooden model is taken to the foundry for lost-wax casting.

We then proceed to choose the wood, which must be well seasoned (at least 5 years) and free of defects. With the bronze model, roughing is begun by means of a pantograph, followed by finishing, piece by piece, using gouges and sandpaper.

Finally, if the sculpture is to be painted, several coats of a special lacquer are applied to the surface and the painting is done using oil paint and gold leaf.

The final step is to protect the colour with a special fixative. To the sculpture thus finished, the company mark is applied to certify the high quality of the work.