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How a sculpture is made

step by step …

We always starts with the creation of a model in Plasticine (this is because it is easy to modify)

Once developed the model, we proceed with the construction of the wood carving to the desired size. If the sculpture is large, the shaping is done with the aid of the chain saw, otherwise everything is roughed with gouges.

Then we proceed with the finishing touches, using even smaller gouges and then we sand using rasps and sandpaper.

If the sculpture is a single piece, the work is now completed.

If you must reproduce several pieces of the same sculpture with different sizes, we bring the model carved in wood to the foundry for the lost wax casting.

The next step is the choice of the wood, that should be well seasoned (at least 5 years) and free from defects.

With the bronze model, we start shaping with a pantograph and then we finish, piece by piece, using chisels and sandpaper.

Finally, if the sculpture is going to be painted, we pass multiple coats of a special lacquer on the surface and then proceed with painting using oil based paint and gold leaf, when needed.

The final step is to protect the colour with a special fixative.

The sculpture now is complete, we apply the mark of the company, certifying the high quality of the work.

a destra bozzetto in plastilina a sinistra scultura in legno

On the right a model in plasticine on the left a wooden sculpture

abbozzo del bambino pescatore

Rough outline of the child fishing

Abbozzo di una scultura in legno

Rough outline

bozzetto scultura cinghiale

Model of a boar

bozzetto in plastilina di garibaldi

Model in Plasticine of Garibaldi

Bust Garibaldi

Bust of young Garibaldi in Walnut wood

scultura terminata cinghiale in legno

Wooden boar

prima fase di finitura della scultura

First finish

prima sgrossatura della scultura

First shaping

realizzazione del bozzetto in plastilina

Creation of the plasticine model

rifiniture finali della scultura

Finishing touches

rifiniture finali della scultura

Final finish

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