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Yes, we have 2 showrooms. The main one is in Mezzano di Primiero, via Roma 156 and the other one is in Fiera di Primiero, Negrelli square 4.
Sure it is!

Our shop opening hours are: from Monday to Friday 8.30-12.00 am and 2.00-6.30 pm.

On Saturday mornings we are open from 8.30 to 12.00 and we are closed on Sunday.

During the summer season only (mid June – mid September) our shop in Fiera remains open on Saturday afternoons and Sundays.

Opening hours: 9.00-12.00 am e 3.00-7.30 pm

No, we will take care of the shipping and packing costs.
We always measure the maximum height the statue reaches. For example: in a standing body statue, we measure from the feet to the head. In case of a laying down body statue we indicate the length from feet to the head. In case of Nativity characters, we use Holy Joseph’s height to indicate the dimensions of the others characters.
We accept payment by Bank Transfer, cash on delivery, PayPal, or in cash.
The best way to dust a statue is with a dry cloth. To clean the deepest parts, you can use a brush. It’s important not to use a wet cloth on a painted sculpture.
Normally the wood used for sculpture is well conserved and carefully dried. This is important to remove humidity so the wood won’t crack further.
If the products are in stock, the estimated delivery time is between 3 and 5 working days.
Of course, it is possible to order by mail or by phone. Our email address is info@zeniscultori.com and our phone number is 043967674.

Please specify in your mail the exact name and code of the product, your full address and preferred method of payment.

We normally trust GLS. However, we don’t exclude using other shipping companies.
We would be more than happy to accommodate your request. It is possible to carve anything in wood. If you have a special request, we ask you to contact us at our mail address info@zeniscultori.com or by phone at: +39043967674
Little figures are usually carved from maple. We use ash wood, oak, cherry wood, and walnut wood. Figures larger than 40 cm are carved with tilia or Pinus cembra.
Most of the figures are always in stock and available to be sent immediately.
We send the products as soon as we see the payment in our bank account.

Our bank information is:

Zeni Renzo-sculture in legno
Via Roma 156
38050 Mezzano di Primiero-TN-ITALY
Cassa rurale Dolomiti di Fassa Primiero e Belluno B.C.C.
EUR IBAN IT93 L081 4035 0200 0002 6005 690 SWIFT/BIC: CCRTIT2T38A

Primiero, a typical alpine valley that is found in proximity of the majestic and imposing Pale di San Martino dolomite mountain range, declared by the UNESCO a World Heritage Site.

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