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Care and cleaning

for a better preservation

How to take care of a wood carving

To dust off your wood carving, we recommend using a feather duster or a soft dry cloth. To reach the deepest points of your wooden sculpture, you may use a brush. In this way you can keep your carving clean and at the same moment shine it up.

In the case of a coloured or antiqued carvings, you should not use a damp cloth, nor a cleaning agent because both would remove or pale the colours.

If your wood carving needs to be restored, we will be glad to help you and send you a customized offer.

If your carving is broken or has missing parts we can get your sculpture looking like new.

Please do not hesitate to contact us and send us a picture of the sculpture.

Dusting with cloth

Dusting with feather duster

Dusting with brush

Primiero, a typical alpine valley that is found in proximity of the majestic and imposing Pale di San Martino dolomite mountain range, declared by the UNESCO a World Heritage Site.

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