Let me introduce myself, i am Anna the wood painter

I am Anna, the painter who gives the finishing touches to the sculptures created by Renzo my husband and Silvano my brother-in-law

When I met Renzo, some 35 years ago, my last thought was to pick up my palette, brushes and colours

My priority was to devote myself full-time to looking after our children. But as time went by, I started working with the company

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My work

I did not go to art school, but I have always been fascinated by everything related to art in general, with a special focus on painting.

So, intrigued, I set out to try my hand at painting some simple figurines, little stars to be exact.
Over the years, now twenty, I have refined my technique and discovered the secrets of oil colours, always experimenting in new ways.

The most important thing for me is that the grain of the wood is always visible in transparency, the colour must NEVER hide it, it is the feature that gives prestige to woodcarvings.

The fascinating thing in my work is that each painted statuette is always different, the base is never homogenous, the grain of the statuettes is always different, the wood always has a different colour and the end result is always a unique statue.

It is a special technique that is only acquired with time and experience. The fluidity, the harmony, the delicacy of the colours I use want to give the sculptures the final touch to make them come alive.