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The Art of Wood Sculpture

The brothers Renzo and Silvano have been making wooden sculptures in their home for over thirty years
laboratory in Mezzano di Primiero in Trentino.

Many subjects represented:
figurines for your nativity scene in traditional and modern style, sacred images,
angels, bas-reliefs with rural scenes, personalized wedding favors, modern sculptures or
classics, copies of ancient statues, flora and fauna of the Alps…

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Zeni Scultori Del Legno

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Discover the art of wood carving: explore our selection of wood carvings
and bring a touch of craftsmanship into your home.


Discover the craftsmanship of Renzo Silvano and Anna, wood sculptors and decorators: explore our selection of featured products and be captivated by the beauty and creativity of the works they create.

Who is behind this?

Discover the talent and passion of Renzo, Silvano and Anna, who with dedication and skill
create each wood sculpture, transforming raw wood into works of art without
equal. Each sculpture is unique, a journey into the minds of these incredible artists and
into the intrinsic magic of carved wood.

Renzo Silvano Zeni Scultori del legno

Renzo and Silvano, the wood sculptors

The two Zeni brothers, graduated Masters of Art at the prestigious Art Institute of Pozza di Fassa (Trentino), extract from wood sacred figures or scenes of rural life of absolute beauty inspired by the extraordinary sensitivity that is in them, almost a natural gift.
In the presence of their works, the dividing line between art and craftsmanship blurs, completely. Their motto is:

“Anything that can be sculpted in wood, we do;
it is a challenge that fascinates us.

Anna al lavoro

Anna, the painter

Anna is the one who paints and decorates Renzo and Silvano’s sculptures. They call her ‘fairy hands’ because of her delicacy and sensitivity.

A lover of art in general, she started almost as a joke but has been spending her days between brushes and colours for 20 years now.

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